Wall mounted boiler

Wall mounted boiler prepares thermal agent- hot water, used for space heating.

Wall mounted condensing boiler use less fuel, giving higher efficiency by recovering heat from condensation and latent heat in the flue gas. Technology of wall mounted condensing boiler has become the most effective solution for space heating, their energy efficiency reaching values close to 100%.

Built wall mounted boiler have the advantage of delivering hot water to the desired temperature in a very short time. Other advantages: constant temperature of the water supplied, even with a variable flow operation at low flow rates and pressures, the possibility of frequent takeovers, without immediately turning the burner.

Forced draft boilers area good choice for apartment buildings, endowed with double tube kit that provides air supply, and fume removal. Combustion air is brought from outside the building and this type of boilers is conditioned by the size of the room (this type of boilers can be installed in small closed rooms).

Electrical wall mounted boilers: operates on the principle of rapid heating of small amounts of water. Operating temperatures range between 20 and 90 degrees C.

Electrical wall mounted boilers provide high comfort with very low noise, complete automation, equipped with measuring elements, safety, comfort, necessary for secure operation in optimal.