Infrared panels

Electrical heating is an economical alternative for heating and modern, reliable, which maintain a comfortable climate, healthy and environmentally friendly. Infrared radiant panels, electric heating systems are practical, easy to install in any type of room, economical and low-cost technology is the new wave in residential and industrial heating systems.

Infrared panels - are based on the principle of radiant energy transformation into heat by convection to the meeting objects, solids.

Thermal radiation heats objects in turn warm air convection. Thus, the first warm objects and walls which give us room immediately after startup infrared radiant panel a nice feeling of comfort.

1. Low temperature radiant panels: mainly addresses warming offices, retail space, shops, apartments and houses. In terms of installation, ideal position in terms of efficiency is horizontally just below ceiling rooms, or even embedded in the ceiling (for false ceiling cassette).

2. High-temperature radiant heating panels are designed for spaces with high ceilings, between 3.5 m and 10 m, such as sports halls, industrial buildings and warehouses, industrial halls, livestock, animal farming.